Application Managed Services

We assist clients in managing their EPM application portfolio based on their business needs. Our application managed services provides support in the following areas:

  1. End User Support:
    • Provide basic functionality guidance to end user queries
    • Provide end-user support during plan cycles and normal support hours
  2. Application Support: Management of standard administrative tasks, such as:
    • Monitoring and ensuring successful completion of any scheduled processes; actual data load, metadata refresh, etc
    • Performing required periodic administrative tasks (Web Form updates, Admin script updates, Variable updates, Script executions etc)
    • Performing periodic basic health checks on applications (db sizing, memory requirement, performance benchmarks etc)
  3. Software Administration Support
    • Manage starting and stopping of managed EPM services as per scope (Analytic server, Various Web Services etc)
    • Manage backup of various kinds (Data backup, application backup)
    • Manage unplanned outages, and resolve outages.
    • Support and interact with other teams on which Hyperion applications have dependence (Ex Oracle Database, LDAP directory etc
  4. Minor Enhancements
    • Supporting small business logic (Calc Scripting, business Rules) change requests.
    • Supporting small user interface (web forms and report) change requests