EPM Framework

Nauticus has developed an EPM framework to assist clients with their implementations. The framework consists of proven and repeatable process developed by senior EPM consultants who have delivered some very complex global EPM engagements.


Define what the solution needs to accomplish, both in terms of features and non-functional attributes (performance, usability, etc.).


Identify and design all aspects of the EPM solution components in detail


Build and test the EPM application based on user requirements.  Use iterative Build and Test approach to solidify design and test requirements


Deploy the solution in the hands of the users and prepare for the applications continuing operation.


Operate includes the maintenance tasks and checkpoints after roll out that facilitate a successful employment of the solution. Optimize application with a release schedule and updates as part of on-going monthly process

Customer Value:

  1. Proven and repeatable process
  2. Customizable and collaborative approach
  3. Minimized risk